Orphan ministry

Serving those from hard places has always been a focus at Eagle’s Wings.  Every summer we have a special camp called “Otra Elpa” which translates, “Second Breath” for teenagers from orphanages all across Latvia. The main goal of the camp is to build valuable, trusting, Christ-based relationships with these teens in a positive environment with safe and loving adults. The life stories of these kids are severe, painful, and often incomprehensible to us. At camp, God clearly works His healing, filling and restoring the bright flames that are hidden in each of the children. After camp, we do our best to keep in contact with the kids for the  rest of the year by messaging , phone calls and meeting up. Our team is currently working to on ways to expand this important ministry.

The more like spring the weather gets outside, the more our thoughts turn to summer and, of course, camps! 
We are all very excited and preparing hard for summer camp!  
Watch this colorful video from the 2022 ‘Otra Elpa’ camp. Here you will see and hear the coolest activities, moments and conversations of this camp.