Leader’s retreat

Preparing for all our summer camps is a huge job, so we spent the first weekend of May with this summer’s team – working together, having fun, thinking and planning for this summer!🙌

Morrow Gap Year  students at Eagle’s Wings

Morrow Gap Year students came for six weeks this spring to serve at EW with us. One of the things that made it so special was some of our own young people were part of the gap year – Antra, Zane, Silva and Krišjānis!

Here are some of the things we did together:

  • Youth nights: Re-Starts
  • Re-starts SPA
  • Worship evenings
  • Orphan retreat
  • Leader’s retreat
  • Wednesday volleyball
  • Disc golf
  • Picnics

And much much more…

Praise God for this special time!  We miss you! 

Orphan retreat ‘Pastaiga’ 🚶🏻 at Eagle’sWings. 

April 21-23, we spent a wonderful weekend at Eagle’s Wings. with the orphanage kids.

Bethany shares her thoughts from the weekend:

“God touched my heart this weekend by giving me the opportunity to spend time with so many different and special people. Even though our daily lives and life stories were different, the love and friendship we shared made us feel like one big family. 🤗 It was a great joy to meet everyone and make new friends!! From playing spikeball and volleyball to sharing life stories and worshiping together, my heart was full. Thanks you Eagle Wings! 🙌 Thank you Jesus!” 🙏