Drawing Near to God

After twice (two years) being cancelled due to pandemic restrictions, EW spring break worship camp was back.  Our theme this year was “Drawing near to God”.  We had a total of 40 leaders and campers. Several young people experienced Eagle’s Wings for the first time.  It is unusual for our worship camps to have first timers.  This four day camp was a special treat after the physical separation brought on by Covid and the young people were so happy to be back at camp and be together in this place once again.

As the theme of the worship camp was “Drawing near to God”, the activities were designed to help the campers do just that.  Both in groups and time alone the following themes were explored:

Closer through faith

Closer through friendship

Closer through the fun

Closer through praise

Closer through the Bible

Closer through quiet time

In this, the youth sought to spend time with God, pondering the Scriptures and praising Him.  One girl spent her time drawing in the snow, which was a way for her to praise God.

This camp was a wonderful time and way to think about being closer to God, both for young people who have been to the camps for years and for those who have visited it for the first time. It was a great pleasure to watch the young people go deeper and hear ways to be closer to God and take a step nearer in their relationship with Him.

Thank you to all who participated and to those of you who prayed and supported our worship camp.  

Home sweet home

During a snowy March weekend, we had about 30 young adults attend our leader’s retreat at Eagle’s Wings.  Our leaders had a wonderful opportunity to meet in person again, reuniting with old friends. We were delighted to have the majority of those who serve in the camps and youth ministry with us for the weekend.  After the long pandemic with its various restrictions, it was a real privilege to be present in each other’s lives, to share and dream about the future. Fellowship was enjoyed not only in worship and meetings, but also preparing meals together and helping each other with daily chores, laughing and encouraging one another along the way.  

On Saturday, leadership coach Aleksis Daume taught on strategic planning and gave the young people the opportunity to think freely about goals and ideas they have for Eagle’s Wings. After a productive day brainstorming and sharing ideas, everyone had the opportunity to spend time together talking in the sauna and looking at the little lambs on the farm.

Our time together was spent outside of everyday worries, in which we could think again and fellowship in our favorite place – Eagle’s Wings.

– Mārīte & Krista