We keep going

At Eagle’s Wings we are happy to report that the pandemic has not diminished our activities, events and time spent together! The first months of 2022 have been very full for us, with various events, both one-off and weekly. The youth are all invited to participate in the weekly activities to have a wonderful time together and get to know and/or strengthen their relationship with God.

In the first week of January, there was our Dutch ministry week.  The young people visited homes in teams giving out food baskets, that are much needed at this difficult time. Along with the food baskets, the families visited also experienced joy, a sense of community, heartfelt prayers, and the hope of the gospel. This was a very special ministry week that involved a lot of young people who wanted to help, visit, and talk about God. The families they visited also had something to give back in their stories, hospitality, smiles and tears. During the week, the young people also enjoyed the opportunity to be together, as so many of our activities have had to take place online due to Covid.

In January we also completed the first part of “Exodus”, our discipleship/mentoring course.  The second part of the course has now begun and includes weekly one-on-one mentoring meetings for 10-weeks. This is the second year we’ve done “Exodus”. It is clear that our young people want to be together after so much Covid separation. Most of them have not missed one meeting!  Several that did the course last year are doing it again. It is so encouraging to see their enthusiasm.  

Bible studies are held every Monday night. They are still taking place remotely on Zoom, allowing young people from different cities to join in. We read together, discuss the Scripture and pray.  We always emphasize the importance of a personal relationship with God. Those who attend feel that God’s Word is alive, that God is working in their lives, and that they understand the scriptures better. It is a pleasure to see that the young people are actively attending Bible study and are really immersed in what they have read and heard.

Our youth group, “Restart” meets every Friday bringing together dozens of participants on the Zoom platform. An important topic is discussed every week, sometimes with a guest speaker. Together we praise God, play games and just have a wonderful time. It is a great pleasure to see how young people are becoming more involved in creating this youth evening, and that these youth evenings are really important to them.

Through Bible study and Re-start, young people are able to see old friends and make new ones. During this Covid time when we cannot meet in person, young people long to be together. So we also have game nights and movie nights online, where they watch a Christian films, talk, laugh and have fun.

As the Pandemic eases,  we very much hope that our Worship camp will take place this year.  Two years in a row it had to be cancelled.  Please pray for our spring camp at Eagle’s Wings. That this March we can meet together and spend a wonderful time praising and experiencing God and each other.