Summer marathon

Seven down and one to go in this year’s camp marathon, so now we are at the summer finish line. We have experienced both heavy rain and heat, but none of that could stop us from enjoying an exciting and joy-filled time together.

This summer especially we could see how much the children missed the camps and the time spent together.  There were some children who made their parents sit and wait for the start of online registration, just so they wouldn’t miss their chance to come to camp.  When the children arrived, it was obvious how happy they were! How ready they are to meet existing friends and beloved leaders, as well as to meet new friends. This summer, on the last day of every camp, the children had tears in their eyes and on their cheeks – they were already talking about next year’s camp. Some are asking what they have to do to become leaders in future camps.

So much has already happened this summer. From time to time we will share with you photos, videos and insights from both leaders and campers about what they experienced during the summer!

However, our race is not over yet – the Ukrainian refugee children’s camp awaits us. We know it will be a great blessing to both us and the children. Emotional, mental and physical fatigue is already felt.

We continue to appreciate your prayers! Thank you for your support and for being with us!


This year we have chosen the theme ‘TO BE TOGETHER’ for summer camps. The first week of June, we had a very busy and productive training camp.  We did various things, both strenuous and less so, to prepare together for the new camp season of 2022!

On the first day of training camp, our most experienced leaders led the others in team building activities.  These were physically challenging, strategically rich, cohesive and trust-building tasks. Pastor Trevor Waybright was this year’s special guest speaker.  He gave inspiring talks and personal encouragement to everyone. Together, we discussed the most important things for the upcoming camps.  As we worked on the various activities planned for the camps, we listened to each other’s ideas and thought about how together we could best make them work. Together we also, cleaned the buildings and prepared the grounds for campers.

This week was full of adventure and challenges, we all understood that there will not be any ‘weak spots’ in the camps if we all work together and if love reigns within and between us.

Our 2022 camp season begins on Tuesday! Thank you for your support and we would appreciate your prayers for the campers who will be coming to the camps, as well as for the leaders who will be serving this summer!


Last Saturday at Eagle’s Wings, we got together as the summer team to prepare for the big event – summer camps! We talked about the types of leaders needed; what we can each lead, do, and take responsibility for, both during the camp preparation process and during the camps themselves. We also spent time thinking about the camp’s day plan, the activities we definitely want this year and the challenges we should expect.

Saturday was a fun time when the young people who will be in the summer camps as leaders could gather together and dream of summer. We are grateful and happy that we have such wonderful young people who are willing to serve and be involved in everything needed for a successful camp season.

We are fast approaching the summer camp marathon and would appreciate your prayers for our team and campers!

Drawing Near to God

After twice (two years) being cancelled due to pandemic restrictions, EW spring break worship camp was back.  Our theme this year was “Drawing near to God”.  We had a total of 40 leaders and campers. Several young people experienced Eagle’s Wings for the first time.  It is unusual for our worship camps to have first timers.  This four day camp was a special treat after the physical separation brought on by Covid and the young people were so happy to be back at camp and be together in this place once again.

As the theme of the worship camp was “Drawing near to God”, the activities were designed to help the campers do just that.  Both in groups and time alone the following themes were explored:

Closer through faith

Closer through friendship

Closer through the fun

Closer through praise

Closer through the Bible

Closer through quiet time

In this, the youth sought to spend time with God, pondering the Scriptures and praising Him.  One girl spent her time drawing in the snow, which was a way for her to praise God.

This camp was a wonderful time and way to think about being closer to God, both for young people who have been to the camps for years and for those who have visited it for the first time. It was a great pleasure to watch the young people go deeper and hear ways to be closer to God and take a step nearer in their relationship with Him.

Thank you to all who participated and to those of you who prayed and supported our worship camp.