Spring Break Camp 2024. 

Theme: I AM

30 young people participated in Eagle’s Wings’ March camp.  A good and relaxing time was had by all.  This year’s theme was “I AM”  We examined our identity in Christ, looking at the Scriptures to see who God says we are.  Through this study, we drew near to God and looked for answers to important life questions, sharing our discoveries in small groups. Pastor Dainis Pandars also came and spoke to us about boy/girl relationships, giving us a biblical understanding of the goals, importance and meaning of these relationships.  

During the camp, we were pleased that the young people were ready to look for answers to the questions we asked and were even open to asking their own questions. God worked powerfully in our lives this week.  As God’s Word was presented, new things were learned and other things reinforced.

At the moment, the construction of the new Chapel is underway.  We had a group of 10 people from Idaho working on the building and spending time with us during the camp. The presence of American groups is always a great opportunity for young people to make new friendships, expand their horizons, and practice their language skills.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this camp.  And also to those of you helping with the construction of the new chapel. The chapel will help to reach even more young people!

Klinta’s testimony: 

This year’s spring camp seemed completely different to me. I thought that I wouldn’t make it to the camp at all, and if I’m honest, I didn’t really want to go. But when I arrived late at night from the airport, I realized how much I miss God’s presence and people who love God like me.

When I left for the camp, I felt calm. All my stress was suddenly in God’s hands. I finally understood what I saw very often in my dreams. I saw that I was walking around the camp and I was completely at peace. Now I realize that the dream was showing me how beautiful it is to walk with God. This walk with God is not only during camp, but it is the place where I feel His presence completely. I am thankful that I always have a second home to return to and know that God is leading me to Eagle Wings and teaching me to be present!

We are building fast, but we need some more help! 

Children keep coming and through this campsite, God is making significant positive changes in their lives. This building will serve as a tremendous blessing and provide essential support for our camp ministry.

The Chapel will provide a large and permanent meeting space saving precious hours during camp that are spent taking down the dining area and creating a meeting hall three times a day in the multipurpose Lodge. It also will give space for those who wish to stay behind after a meeting for prayer, spiritual counsel etc. Currently, there is no space when the weather is bad to split the campers. Most of all, we need more space as we intend to have annual reunions, inviting back and following up on those who have been camp leaders or accepted Christ at camp over many years. We plan these reunions for 250 people!

Before we received the initial funds required for constructing the Chapel, it was beyond our imagination that we would have progressed this far by October. We have worked really hard with three work teams from the USA and we have actually accomplished all we set out to do in the initial stages of construction. The balcony is installed, the stairs are in place, and with the walls and roof already in place. The next steps involve installing windows and doors, all the electrical components and interior insulation. Following that, we will put up the sheetrock. Insulation will be added to the ceiling, and once that is complete, we can start heating the Chapel.  Now we are dreaming of using the Chapel for summer camps 2024!

We have come so far, can you help us finish the Chapel so that even more young people experience faith, fun, and friendship at Eagle Wing’s?


Size – 375 m2, 4000 sq ft

The new main hall

will hold 250 people


Total amount needed – $300,000

Amount raised – $160,000

Remaining need – $140,000

How is the building project going?