Spring worship camp “FURTHER”

Once again, spring break camp was held at Eagle’s Wings. This year the theme and name of the camp was ‘FURTHER’. It is wonderful to see our numbers steadily increasing. This year we had about 30 campers aged 12 to 18 years old.
Our time together was really fulfilling. We played games, had creative activities, spent time in interesting conversations, played Archery Tag, and also enjoyed the deep, fresh snow. Each day a leader gave a talk from the Bible or a current topic in the everyday life of young people, and then we reflected on what we heard both in groups and individually. Special guests were a married couple who talked about relationships and shared their experience. They asked questions and sparked discussions about the importance of relationships and various situations in them. The camp ended at Madona Baptist Church with a service led by the young people.

It was a pleasure to see how actively the young people were involved in both discussions and other activities throughout the camp. This camp was a fantastic way for the young people to spend their spring break relaxing with friends and ‘going further’ in their relationship with God and experiencing Him in unprecedented ways.

We want to say a big thank you for praying for Eagle Wing’s camps and the daily work at the camp. Your prayers are felt every day!


During the last week of October, after a year-long break, the fall camp ‘Totally His’ took place, with many campers joining in for the first time. We were really happy that so many young people wanted to spend their fall vacation with us Eagle’s Wings!  Our group included not only young people who had already been to summer camps, but also those who had never been to Eagle Wings camps before. Also, you could feel that this was a special week for the leaders too. 

The topics and activities discussed at the camp made the young people think about how to be ‘TotallyHis’, the leaders shared their testimonies and what was discussed was reflected on both individually and in small groups. We also had a great opportunity to listen to Dustin Peterson’s testimony of what it means to him to be ‘Totally His’. We played games, sang songs, went to the sauna and spent quality time together, and on Saturday we learned Latvian folk dances together.

On the last evening, we experienced a special moment when we all thought about what are the things that we should ‘let go’ and forgive ourselves for, so that we can be ‘Totally His’. No matter how much we cling to these things, God helps us to let them go of them and draw closer to Him to be totally His.

The end of the camp was held on Sunday at Madona Baptist Church, where the campers were given the opportunity to participate in a  church service that was led by the young people of the church. It was a great experience for young people who are not used to going to church on Sundays.

Thanks to everyone who participated and worked to make this camp happen, it was  a wonderful time together!