Unity in Christ no matter where we are

At the moment, due to the pandemic, we do not have the opportunity to meet in person, but of course, we are dying to see each other! So we have found an opportunity to get together and learn about God virtually.

 This has become a wonderful way to connect us all, even with those from different parts of Latvia, to get to know new people and give opportunity to hear the word of God even for those who could not practically attend our events in person because they live far away.

 Every week on Zoom, young people have the opportunity to attend Bible study and we have another meeting just for girls. These meetings allow us to build better relationships both with young people who have already actively served and become involved in the activities of Eagle’s Wings, and new young people as well.

 In addition, on Fridays we have youth group which we call ‘Re-Starts’. Recently, we have been going through the Bible basics course ‘EXODUS’. This is a great foundation as we start a mentoring program that will help the youth grow in their knowledge of God as they study with a mentor. The mentor will also help the young person grow as a person, grow as a leader, learn to work in a team and grow in their Christian walk.

 All our current activities are a great way to prepare our young people for summer service in the camps and we are so grateful to God for each one and the opportunity we have to meet together virtually!

Testimonies from a couple of teens:

 ’I’m glad that everything is happening through Zoom, because before, there was usually no such event. Now I have the opportunity to spend more time with great people. ‘- Austra

 ‘For me, ‘Re-Starts’ evenings are the most anticipated moment of the whole week. Every evening is unique and each of these evenings has very pleasant emotions! ”- Zane

God had other plans

As we approached the fall camp “Totally His”, which takes place every year during the students’ fall holidays, 30 young people and 5 leaders were able to come together for an unforgettable adventure in the “Wings of the Eagle”.

As leaders, it was our great privilege to share with the campers what it means to us to be “Totally His”, how God has changed our lives
and given the strength to follow His path and purpose and how each day we can walk with Him and feel His presence.

The essence of the camp “Totally His” can
be summed up in Eagle’s Wings’ motto:
Faith, Friendship and Fun, that is what we
experienced 100%!
We have true joy in each and every camper. Watching as they experienced God with open hearts and a desire to live for His glory.. God’s grace, love and freedom came like a flood into our lives during these days.